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Debut album
“No Walls”
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  1. Cherokee Rose Silverstring Farm 1:24
  2. No Walls Silverstring Farm 0:50


Comprised of friends Tommy Linell and Stefan Deland, new music from Silverstring Farm has been a long time coming. Teachers at a rock school in Sweden, the duo have been writing songs together since 2013.

“At one point we called it the best record never released,” Tommy recounts. “It took us five years to do it.”

When they weren’t teaching, they were writing and creating music that now is part of their album “No Walls.”

With upbeat Americana tracks like Leaving This Town, soft country songs such as Broken Heart, and songs in between, like the vibey I Don’t Want to Talk About It, Silverstring Farm has music for everyone.

“Cherokee Rose, which is the first single from the album reminds me of a Traveling Wilburys track,” says Dave Moody, president of Lamon Records. “But Tommy and Stefan are truly original in their refreshing approach to all things Americana.”

“We hope it gives our audience time off from their day to day life.” With this philosophy and motivation, Tommy and Stefan are able to create music that helps people connect, relax, and escape.

Silverstring Farm’s debut album “No Walls” will be available everywhere music is sold on August 24th. Their debut single drops to radio in early August.  You can read more about Lamon Records at



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